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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern all supply of goods by %business_name% 

Goods purchased are not for resupply (whether in trade or otherwise). For resupply, authorization must be obtained.

Please ensure you thoroughly read our Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order. By purchasing any items the buyer agrees they have read and understood the terms and conditions of this sale.


1. Bookings and payments

1.1 Quotes are valid for 7 days from issue.

1.2 Provision of a quotation is not considered confirmation of order.

1.2.1 Please note our quotations are based on the flavor/design/size of cake that you order. We do not inflate prices based on the occasion.

1.2.2 Please ensure all contact details, personal information, spelling of names, delivery/collection dates and times have been properly documented on your invoice.

It is your obligation to provide the correct and complete delivery address details at the time of ordering. It is your responsibility to check all details outlined in your quote.

1.3 To secure your date, a non-refundable Booking Fee of 25% of the total balance or $200 minimum and if no design has been set, is payable within 3 days of our invoice and contract being issued; once this is received your order is considered confirmed and date is reserved.

1.4 In the event of your desired date becoming filled by another order/customer prior to your Booking Fee being paid, we are not obliged to honor our quotation.

1.5 Your final balance is due 28 days prior to your event %job_date%  – failure to do so may result in your entire order being cancelled unless prior arrangements have been made in writing with us. Please ensure sufficient time is given for bank transfers to clear by due date, as no work or supplier orders can be started until payment is cleared.

1.6 If your order is placed within 28 days of the date of your event, the full balance owed.

1.7 Any changes to your original order may be subject to additional charges – see section 8

1.8 Payment can be paid either in online or via bank transfer, payment options are provided on your invoice.

2. Refunds

2.1 Your Booking Fee is non-refundable; at our discretion (circumstances depending) may be transferable - see section 3

2.2 Whilst %business_name% will abide by the applicable law in relation to the supply of its products, no exchange or refund will be given for change of mind, or any reasons other than defect/faults caused by us the manufacturer - see also section 4

2.3 We must be notified within 24hrs of %job_date% and product must be returned within 36 hrs of the %job_date% . No refunds will be given if cake is served, tampered with and is not returned in said time period for further investigation. In the case of a problem with your cake, please contact us immediately so we can fix the issue. Our aim is for happy customers enjoying delicious cake, and if that does not happen we would like the opportunity to rectify.

2.4 A refund or exchange will be considered in limited circumstances of dissatisfaction and only with regard to quality or damage due to our actions.

2.5 In the unlikely event that %business_name% is unable to fulfill the order for reasons including, but not limited to, illness, accident or injury,%business_name% reserves the right to cancel the order and will refund all monies paid by you relative to the order with no further compensation be payable to you. We will endeavor to help find a suitable replacement company for your order but is only subject to their availability.

3. Postponements

3.1 Should you need to postpone your booking, please advise in writing. Where possible, we will accommodate your change of date, however, there will be a fee which will cover the loss of initial date as well as administration time involved. 

3.2 Where we are unable to accommodate your new date, our normal cancellation terms apply - see section 4

3.3 Postponement dates are valid within the next 12 months of %job_date% 

3.4 Postponements are considered case by case basis. For postponements made within a 2 week period or once work has commenced. We will do our best to offer the best possible outcome for each situation, eg. redecorating at a later date, or partial credits where we can.

3.5 Partial credits will be based on what has already been preordered and work that has already been started on your order. (Please note that sugar flowers can be prepared months in advance due to the detailed work involved, fresh flowers/cake toppers etc. need to be ordered at least 3 weeks prior to your date, once ordered we are unable to request a refund on these items.

​3.6 For any postponements made that we have successfully rescheduled; should any wholesale pricing be affected eg. flowers. Then the client will be advised and offered alternatives or the difference shall be covered by the client.

4. Cancellations

4.1 All requests for cancellations must be made in writing.

4.2 Cancellations made 2+ months out from your event date %job_date% will be refunded any monies paid minus the 25% booking fee. 

4.3 Cancellations made 28 days prior to your event %job_date% , where full payment has been made. You will be refunded 50% of your payment minus the 25% booking fee. 

4.4 Any cancellations made within 14 days of your event date %job_date%  will forfeit any monies paid.

4.5 All cancellations made for any reason will forfeit the booking fee. Please be aware that potential clients are turned away once dates are full, with some peak wedding dates booked out months prior. Additionally all of our items are-hand made and made to order, for this reason, all booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable if an order is cancelled).

4.6 If we,%business_name% have to cancel your booking due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, all monies paid will be refunded within 10 days to your designated bank account.


5. Design and Specification

5.1Please ensure you have double-checked everything on your Contract – day, date, time, location, flavor, color, size, prices etc. We are not responsible for any problems caused by discrepancies realized at a later date.​ Once a deposit/payment is made, the client agrees to all details; colors, designs, sizes, servings and flavors as discussed and given in the invoice issued.

5.2 Changes are subject to availability and can incur extra charges. In most cases changes can be accommodated, however at times it is not possible. We will however endeavor to accommodate you to the best of our ability

5.3 Every effort will be made to match colors for the cake icing, decorations or ribbon with samples provided by the customer; however due to the nature of food colorings this is not always possible and an exact match may not be achieved, we will however strive to obtain as close to as possible. We do not guarantee an exact copy of other designs to an exact match, and will use inspiration pictures as a guideline.

5.4 We will not be held responsible if the products are not available as a result of, but not limited to, unavailability, seasonal variation or poor quality. We reserve the right to use our discretion to supply similar or substitute products of a similar quality under such circumstances and where possible will advise you of the change prior to supply.


6. Toppers and decorations

6.1 If fresh flowers for the cake are provided by an outside source, they must be; non-toxic and properly prepared for food use (washed/wired and taped) and left at the venue for our delivery/setup. 

6.2 If flowers are not properly prepared for use on food product, we can refuse to attach to the cake. If we do have time to prepare, you will be charged at $40 per half hour blocks as there will be time needed to properly prepare the flowers for use on cakes. An invoice will be sent post-delivery for payment.

6.3 ​Figurines, models and flowers may contain wire, beads, cocktail sticks, polystyrene or other inedible items and these decorations should not be eaten. Tall/Tiered cakes may contain dowels when stacking cakes.

6.4 Due to insurance reasons should you agree to allow another source to place the flowers, you the client will assume ALL liability and responsibility. You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt or other contaminants, whilst all measures will be taken to clean and prepare on our end, The Sweet Society Co. accepts no liability in this regard. 

6.5 If you choose to supply your own decorations, they must be suitable for use. Upon inspection, any items which do not meet hygiene and safety regulations will not be used.


7. Delivery/Collection:

7.1 We highly recommend delivery and set up for multi-tiered cakes. Please note delivery fees apply. Please provide delivery time/address for quote. Deliveries are not guaranteed unless stated in initial enquiry. Setup cost is dependent on cake design.


​7.2 Should you opt to collect the cake from our Alderley based studio, please bear the following in mind:

7.2.1 Accepting the cake indicates that the cake has been collected in excellent condition.

7.2.2 You assume all liability and responsibility of the cake once it leaves our Studio. We are not responsible for any damage after collection.

7.2.3 Your cake is fresh, delicate and perishable.

7.2.4 During transportation, the cake must be set on a flat level surface (ie. in the boot) with no paraphernalia close by that might slide/fall and damage the cake.

7.2.5 Also ensure that it is not able to slide around – we recommend the use of non-slip matting and can supply this on collection.

7.2.6 You should keep the cake box out of direct sunlight – it WILL melt if in the sun. Use air-conditioning if the inside of the car is warm.

7.2.7 Drive slowly, carefully, and take corners very gently. Avoid bumps and rough roads.

7.2.8 Any call-outs to attempt to repair damage are charged at $50/hr plus travel time, if available. A minimum charge of one hour will apply, and is payable in cash prior to any repair work commencing.

7.2.9 If you do not pick up your order when scheduled it will be considered abandoned and there will be no refund given. Please ensure you are on time or have communicated any changes in arrival time to us prior. Late arrivals may not be accepted and will be offered a new time for collection (subject to availability) as we have delivery schedules to adhere to.


7.3 If you choose delivery of your cake, please bear the following in mind:

7.3.1 Easy access to the venue must be provided, ie. loading zone, close parking and elevator access to high level buildings.

7.3.2 The cake table must be prepared and in position in a cool safe place ready for delivery. The cake table should be level, stable, and decorated ready for the cake to be placed.

7.3.3 Where delivery has been pre-arranged, anyone at the delivery address who receives the cake is assumed to have been authorized by you. Receipt of the cake is deemed acceptance of the cake in excellent condition, and we are not responsible for any damage after delivery.

7.4 The Sweet Society Co. cannot guarantee an exact time of delivery but will endeavor to deliver at, or as close as possible to the agreed time. The Sweet Society Co. is not liable for any delays that are beyond our control, such as traffic jams, road closures, accidents, road works, etc. You agree that late delivery does not constitute a failure of our agreement and does not entitle you to cancellation or refund of an order.

7.5 In the event that the vehicle delivering your cake becomes involved in an accident and your cake gets damaged beyond repair, The Sweet Society Co. will provide you with a full refund that will include the cost of the cake and delivery fee. The Sweet Society Co. will not be liable for any further charges or compensation

7.6 When delivering, The Sweet Society Co. is not responsible for any damage to the cake after setup is complete.

7.7 If no one is available to accept your order at the scheduled time of delivery, the order will be returned to our Alderley location and a new collection time can be organized subject to availability. Should we be able to re-deliver your cake at a later time, a redelivery charge will apply.

7.8 Should you provide the wrong address, re-delivery of the order to the correct address will incur an additional redelivery fee. 

8. Storage and Serving

8.1 The Sweet Society Co. prepares all of its cakes fresh to order. Cakes should be consumed within 3-5 days of delivery and kept at a safe temperature as informed. Any consumption of cake after this is at the customers’ discretion and, therefore, becomes the customers’ responsibility. Cakes can be frozen to consume at a later date.

8.2 Once the cake is at your venue, please ensure the cake is stored correctly:

8.2.1 For outdoor occasions, the cake should remain in a cool, safe place until as close to serving as possible. Please bear in mind – weather, wildlife and other situations can be damaging to your cake, and we are not responsible for problems caused by venue conditions.

8.2.2 Indoors, the cake should be kept in a cool, dry, safe place, out of sunlight.

8.2.3 Fondant does not go in the refrigerator – be it a covered cake, decorations or models on the cake, or anything else, the fondant will go soft and wet if it is refrigerated, which will ruin the cake.

8.3 Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table, and optimal ambient room temperature of 24˚ degrees or below

8.4 %business_name% warrants all cakes will provide at least the requested number of servings when properly served according to the standard size. The number of actual servings created during actual service of the cake cannot be guaranteed as methods of slicing, such as serving smaller or larger than the standard slice size, or other preparations will affect the number of actual servings. %business_name% cannot be held responsible for shortfalls in portions.

8.5 %business_name% is not responsible for any damage to the cake, or shortage of cake, caused by a guest, caterer, wait staff member, or any other person not employed by %business_name%  A cutting guide can be supplied on request.

8.6 Non-edible embellishments and supports which have been inserted into your cake (food safe wooden skewers/toothpicks/cake pop sticks/dowels) MUST be removed before cutting your cake. 

8.7 %business_name% does not sign venue waivers on behalf on clients. We can however provide our business license and insurance certificates for your venue.

8. Changes

8.1 Any changes to your Contract must be notified in writing a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event date. We endeavor to accommodate where possible, and we reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly to reflect the changes.%job_date% 

8.2 In the event that we cannot reach an agreement based on revisions, normal cancellation procedures apply - see section 4


9. Photos

9.1 Please note we reserve the right to use any photographs taken by us of our work for display or promotion purposes without any compensation to you.

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