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Let's chat cake!

We love chatting cakey goodness, so here are some of our most commonly asked questions. No question is a silly question so if there's something we can help with, don't hesitate to ask! 

How much is a cake?

All cakes are individually priced per size as well as design. There's no such thing as "wedding tax" added, whether it be a birthday cake or wedding cake, they are all priced the same way. The reason wedding cakes may cost more is more than likely due to the size and detail needed. Please remember that your wedding cake may just be the biggest most anticipated cake you will ever order!

Some designs do cost significantly more than others due to the cost of materials used, or the extra decorating time it can take to achieve the look you are wanting. We take pride in ensuring each of our cakes (wedding or not) receive the same care and time needed to create a beautiful finish.

Things to be considered within our costs are licensing, insurance, council approved commercial kitchen and equipment, pest control, and other general overheads. We also liaise directly with your venue, florists and co-coordinators on delivery schedules and setup details.

To give you an idea on starting prices I have included some below. Please take this as a starting guide, added decorations and details do add to final pricing, for a more detailed quote, please get in touch through our contact form.


1 Tier from $200

2 Tier from $450

3 Tier from $550

4 Tier from $850

View our current menu here.


How much notice do you need?

We hate to turn anyone away, so the sooner the better! We start taking bookings up to 12 months in advance, and for peak wedding season we would definitely recommend getting in contact at least 6-9 months out from your date. In saying that! To keep our standards high, we do have a strict limit on numbers for our wedding orders as each delivery and setup can be quite time consuming. If you are still unsure on the final details, we are happy to reserve your date with a non-refundable booking fee. This locks in your booking date and we can go through the final details in good timing. 

We prefer to have 2 weeks notice in most cases for all other events, but again, spaces are limited so it is a good idea to get in touch as soon as possible. If we have the availability, we always welcome late orders too! But please understand that we need at least 7 days notice for any late orders.

Do you deliver? Can we Pickup?

That's a double YES!

We deliver from the Sunshine Coast all the way down to the Gold Coast. Unfortunately we do not service Byron areas. We highly recommend having us deliver wedding cakes and actually insist on anything over 2 tiers. We want your cake intact and ready for show on your special day, the last thing we would want is any accidents on the way!

Delivery starts from $50, and is then worked on distance and time taken to the venue. We have a minimum spend of $600 for deliveries to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

For smaller cakes we do offer pickup and we can structure up to 2 tiers to be collected (please be advised that any collections, once taken off site are the responsibility of the client) we will instruct on the best way to travel with the cake but cannot be held responsible for anything happening in transit.

Our pickup times are usually between 8am-10am on weekends, and our deliveries start from 10am onward. During wedding season we may need to organize specific times with you that works best with yours and our delivery schedules.

Do you have a shop? Can we do a cake sample?

We do offer sample boxes!

Unfortunately as we are completely custom made to order, we do not have a retail area to purchase cake from. Sample boxes are pre-order only and can be arranged by contacting us or checking our shop page for the next scheduled boxes.

We do have a showroom based in Alderley where we can meet with you to discuss your needs in an initial consultation.

These are held by appointment only. Our sit down design consultations are $90, and include a private meeting with one of our cake sample boxes (which includes all of our cake flavours) for you and your partner. We can accommodate for more but must be advised at time of the booking so we can ensure there is adequate seating. We love meeting with our couples, and think it's a really important wedding planning experience, we find that meeting and discussing likes and dislikes helps us to understand and deliver the perfect cake for your occasion. Weekend appointments can be booked 3-4 weeks in advance, we can take weekday appointments before 3pm subject to availability.

Sometimes a design consultation is not needed but you still need to pick a flavor or would like to try some cake! For this instance we offer sample boxes which are $60 +gst a box and includes every single cake flavor on our menu in generous sized portions for 2 people. These are offered every 4-6 weeks in off season, during peak wedding season we may be limited to every 8 weeks. These can be purchased in our shop page or contact us direct.

Contact us today to organize your cake consultation appointment!

Do you offer gluten free/Vegan/Dairy free?

Great news! We have now released our Vegan Chocolate cake for those dietary requirements. 

We currently offer a limited menu for gluten free. We do not cater to Coeliac dietary requirements as our kitchen and equipment is shared, for anyone with high food allergies, we do recommend seeing a specialist baker as they have completely separate ovens etc. dedicated to gluten free baking.

What size cake do i need?

Not sure what size cake you need? Not a problem! We can help you figure out the right dimensions needed, we just need to know; how many serves you need and if you prefer coffee slices or dessert slices.

Coffee slices are 1"x1" 

Dessert slices are 1"x2"

Our standard height for cakes are approx 5.5"-6" tall per tier (pending the fillings used) and consist of 3 layers of cake with 2 layers of filling.


We can however opt to make your tiers taller by adding an extra layer for an additional cost (extended height approx 7" tall) if you like the look of taller tiers without having to double the size of the serves.

Most of our wedding/event clients opt for coffee sizing as a nice finisher for their meals. We do however have some clients that are big foodies and love to share generous pieces so they opt for the larger dessert slices. 

For more help on sizing contact us.

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