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Blogging is not something I'd ever think would have been a part of a cake business, but I like different...and we all know I love being extra...soooooo WELCOME!

By addressing the nitty gritty, being completely transparent, just sharing the weird and wonderful, the aim is to help educate on all things CAKE and all thangs bidness...with a background and degree in business, I want to help clients and industry colleagues understand the value in what we offer.

Knowledge is power, without sharing what we know, how can we possibly expect everyone to understand what goes into creating beautiful edible masterpieces? Or what education/training it took to learn that specific technique? Why do cakes cost what they do?

I may even have some special guests stop in to answer some questions on wedding planning, cake, business and general tom foolery.

Then there's getting to connect with you guys, there's only so much you can get to know through jazzed up Instagram posts, filters and GIFs. I'm a real person, that gets hidden behind a whole lot of technology. I don't sugar coat my experiences, I don't pretend to be something I'm not, the words posted are not a "marketing ploy" or for instagram attention. I'm just a genuine sweet tooth and proud of it!

So I'm here to also put myself out there, small business can be hard, hopefully some can relate and feel like they're not alone and get tips, or I could fail miserably and no one ends up reading a word I'm writing, so it will end up being my online diary of some sort.

I am always up for requests and feedback on what you would like to know about the wonderful world of cakes, and my particular journey and feel free to write in!

Get ready for some facts, rants, laughs and a whole lot of sweetness.

Diana xoxo

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